Review: “The Defenders”

I have usually loved the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jessica Jones and Daredevil are thrilling, Luke Cage worked really well and Iron Fist... well, we don't talk about Iron Fist.  Jessica Jones most of all, as it was such a different and personal take on the "superhero" world, very all around well-crafted. Because of that,... Continue Reading →

Review: “Atypical” (Series)

You can always count on Netflix to produce a little gem of a show that might not air on regular TV. Atypical is one of these series. It follows the life of Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), a teenager with autism that decides he wants to start dating girls, and his family: an overbearing mother (Jennifer... Continue Reading →

Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

*Spoilers on plot points in the end! The DC Cinematic Universe has not been my favourite thing lately. It just seems to continuously  miss the mark for me, and just doesn't measure up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, Wonder Woman changed the game on that. With this movie, DC stepped away from the forced hand... Continue Reading →

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