Hi there!

I’m Gabriela, born and mostly bred in Brazil, but I’ve lived all over. Movies, series, travelling and other forms of cultural activities have always been a passion of mine, so here I am trying to put that passion to good use 🙂 You will notice it will mostly focus on movies and series though!

I have gone back and forth in starting this blog for years, but it was time I stopped being afraid to put my opinions out there!

You can find me on

  • Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/gabs/
  • Filmow (for the Brazilians out there! I use it less than Letterboxd though): https://filmow.com/usuario/gabspamaral/
  • TVShowTime: GabsP

Feel free to comment, interact, make suggestions and what not. This blog is very much a living thing! 🙂

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