Review: “Crazyhead” (Series – Season 1)

I may be a bit late in reviewing this series, since it launched in late 2016. However, I did not hear much about it, apart from it being on Netflix, and after watching it I just had to give it some attention. It’s not perfect or oh-so-original, but it was entertaining as hell and deserved the ink (the bits, I guess…).

Crazyhead basically follows two girls who can see demons that secretly walk the earth, and are being chased by them. It stars Susan Wokoma as Raquel, a woman who knows the demon underworld inside out,  (who is also brilliant in Chewing Gum as Cynthia) and Cara Theobold as Amy, a woman who is just learning what’s beneath the surface. Wokoma can also be seen in Chewing Gum as Cynthia, and she is definitely a rising star to watch. Theobold is mostly known from Downton Abbey, in which she played Ivy. Or at least that where I know her from.

One particular surprise was seeing Tony Curran here. For so long he has been Doctor Who’s Van Gogh to me, in what was probably the most beautifully acted part in DW ever. Seeing him as his character in Crazyhead, he does it so well that it is almost impossible to imagine Callum and Van Gogh are played by the same person. Why he isn’t a bigger name, I can’t imagine. If I didn’t have other series to watch, I’d be watching “Vincent and the Doctor” every day. That was ART. Anyway, back to Crazyhead…

Supernatural creatures secretly inhabiting our world is quite a used up premise (Supernatural, Demons, Vampire Diaries, Grimm, Lucifer, Preacher, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Penny Dreadful, the list goes on), with some beautifully made series and others… not so much, but let’s leave it at that. Crazyhead isn’t  anything innovative or fresh – person finds out something weird, is guided by a wiser/funnier/nonsensical someone with a secret, they come together to save the world- but it does manage to stand on its own two feet due to the chemistry between both characters, the type of deadpan British comedy it delivers, and how humanity, and not the supernatural, is the centre of this.

Crazyhead delivers heart and laughs, but it is quite predictable. Still it led to a binge afternoon, so…  it is a short affair, with only 6 episodes in season 1, and it is worth the laughs. They have set up a possible second season in a way that could be made more unique, so it remains to be seen where the story will be taken.



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