Sorry for the absence! – Filmmaking Course

Hi all!

I am sorry for the ridiculously long absence everyone! As it happens, I was doing an intensive filmmaking course 🙂

Despite being from the international relations field, I have always aspired to work with filmmaking somehow. This year, it turned out that I had the time to finally do an intensive filmmaking course at a school here in Brazil.

As a cinephile, I can say I recommend everyone to do such a course. It gave me a much more in-depth understanding of the craft. I can’t unsee all the technical aspects anymore. Every time I watch something now I feel so snob thinking like “Oh look at that camera move!!”, “That lightning is amazing!”, “This colour palette is this and that….”. It was so good!!

We also made our own short movie, for which I acted as the director of photography. It was the experience of a lifetime (even though I am very critical of how it turned out haha) to be in a set and see how incredibly difficult it all is.

Sometime soon I want to make a list of the short films we watched throughout the course. Some were amazing, I just need to find the ones that have subtitles.

Stay tuned for new reviews soon, including for “Atypical” and “The Defenders”!

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